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Biometric fingerprint sensor

The biometric fingerprint sensor consists of two units, an interior control unit (for controlling, creation and deletion of users as well as power supply) and an exterior control unit (for recognition of fingerprints and translation into code).
Both units are linked by individually defined code from the beginning of initializing. The interior unit is connected to 220-240 V/AC supply and linked to the exterior unit via cable.
Furthermore a dry contact is lead to the door opener.
The admitted user draws his finger over the scanner (exterior unit). The key code will be checked and if permitted the door opener gets opened by impulse.

Version 1
This option is equipped with one relay.
Version 2/3
This option is equipped with three relays that can be assigned to different fingers. This option allows you, for example, to control a building door, a garage door and an alarm system.
Version 3/PC
As with the Verion 2/3 option, this option is equipped with three relays. You can also connect the device to a personal computer by means of a USB interface.

o Connection between scanner and control panel
o 1x Relay 250VAC 5A
o 9VAC with provided external power supply unit
o 99 / 300 fingers possible
o No loss of data after power failure
o Coupling between scanner and control panel
o Extremely low rate of false identification
o ~ 1W
o Recognition time 1s to 4s (depending on amount of stored fingers)
o Enrolment time ~4s per finger

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