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Control systems

Elevator control system
The ORION AZ 1000 is an access control system on the basis of contactless working transponder mapsKey, which works in 125 kHz frequency range.

Description of function of the AZ 1000:
A transponder is held by the RFI reader, activates one relay floating exit, which the transponder is assigned to (impulse function or so long to the transponders is removed).As recognition of a valid transponder a red RFI READER LED lights up, in the case of an invalid transponder this begins to flash.
The contactless de-energising element can head for up to 25 floors.
The connection from the RFI reader to the reader (Slave) is made via a 2-Draht line (range by 100m), which takes over the voltage supply of the RFI reader. One configures this plant over a commercial PC. There the data for the floors of the transponders are administered and overacted on the plant (storage location for 1.000 transponders). The PC is necessary only for the configuration or data changes. All the available transponders can be distributed at will on the floors.

With power failure the data remain!

Example:976 pieces can be administered on the 1-floor and on the other 24-floors 1 transponder on each one.
Closing and releasing transponders which were already stored in the plant, is possible on the basis of contactless RFI Hand terminal.

The plant consists of the following components:
1x RFI reader (2 RFI readers can be parallel switched)
1x reader (Slave) 230V
1x plotter (master) 230V
1x RFI Handterminal
1x configuration software for PC

An access control system on sensor basis (125KHz) with Antipassback function.

Designed for parking e.g. Barriers.
Functions without external computer

Up to 8 exits / entrance can be controlled
User friendly
Deactivation / activation of keys by hand-held terminal (sensor)
By electricity fall-out, no data will be lost

System contains following components:

Main unit (master) for 1 exit &
entrance / 230V
RFI sensor
RFI hand-terminal / 9V Akku
Optionally available extension
(slave / 230V) for further
exit / entrance

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