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Remote keypad FCT 433/868 Mhz with receiver

The FCT is an advancement of our proven code locks in two wire technology. Due to radio communication no complex cable installations are necessary. Via the keyboard decoder recievers can be addressed independently of each other up to four.
The radio code lock (IP65) is developed in such way, that an adaptation of the equipment to the radio telecontrol of different manufacturers is possible, so that already normally the receiver existing in each drive to be used know. The opening codes can be long up to 8 places. The data communication takes place with 433/868 MHz FM.

Further frequencies on request.

Different housing colours and foil surfaces possible!
The decoder receiver possesses a relay exit floating 24V/2A. Supply voltage 24V AC/DC. The enclosure is IP 20.

When desired with hand transmitter.

Keyboard with inserted Relay.

Complete code lock electronics with up to two relay exits floating in the keyboard. The dimensions are 80 X 80 X 15 mm in "on the wall" the version. The depth of the installation version amounts to 11 mm, the structure height is 2 mm, with external dimensions of 80 X 80 mm. The cut out to the installation amount to 76 X 76 mm. The keyboards can be supplied with transparent keyboard or in Vandalismus of protected execution. The range of application lies there, where a separation from keyboard and evaluation electrics for safety reasons is not necessary. The keyboard are weather-resistant and for the external employment suitable. IP66 the following functions are possible: Up to five different codes work on a relay. Alternatively as 1 normally open contact, or 1 change-over switch. Two diffrent codes work on two relays (normally open contacts). For special applications special functions are possible on customer's request.
Supply voltage amount to 12-24 DC or 12 V CA/DC.
The relay exits switch AC to maximally up to 1A-24VDC

Keycode KC2

The Key code KC2 is a keyboard code lock, which was developed particularly for the manipulation by electrical door openers. It possesses an inserted power output, in order to supply most commercial electrical door openers. An enterprise according to the work or quiescent current principle is possible. Its own voltage supply for the door openers is not necessary.
The connection of the keyboard is made by 2 line technology, so that to the connection for example a simple, arbitrarily long 2-wire door-bell line is sufficient. Lines are already shifted and can be used for the connection (no expensive special cables are necessary).
The equipment has an inserted relay function. Thus it is possible, to operate for example a door bell or switch light on, without entering a valid CODE.

It exists to switch the possibility up to 2 code locks parallel.

With power failure the data remain!

U= 230V/AC
2 Relais/5A/250V AC

OCL-ORIN Keycode light

The keypad of the OCL series was especially designed for automatic garage doors operators.

Its operation is easy and convenient. Just enter one to six digit access-code on the keypad and with help of an electric DIP switch the code will be confirmed. Furthermore for every user any key entry is confirmed optically by a short flickering of the function LED.

Various keypad devices and designs of the OCL series are available and can be selected individually.

You can link several keypads to one DIP switch.

Technical specifications:
Input voltage: 24V AC/DC or 230V/AC
Impulse period: 1/3/5 econds (also available without impulse repeat for barriers for ex.)

Relay: potetial free implemented relay outpit max. 8A/250V up to 3 relays
Protection: Keypad and electronics IP 66
Input: one to six digit access-code

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