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Radio Frequenz Identifikation - RFI 1000/ RFI 90

The contactlessly working code switches for highest security.
ORION-RFI-SYSTEMS are used there, where the security of a conventional code switch is not sufficient.
The advantages over a mechanical code switch are:
protected from deliberate destruction,
Smaller than more conventional key switch Surely againist confounding the connection, Waterproof reader, (applicable also under water)
Contactless recognizing Key.
Hidden installation, z.B under finery, different keys are possible, 1,000 keys can be used in a lock,
Barriers individual missing key, join in parallel of several readers on same line,
2 channel technology,
example: two different doors with different keys can be opened independently with the same equipment.
Two time belts can be furnished or a tubing engine canbe headed directly in both directions.

With power failure the data remain!

"the keys" are available as key trailer (RFI key) or as card (RFI key Card) in the cheque card format.
A system consists of 2 parts: an evaluation unit (RFI decoders) and a lock (RFI reader).
The connection takes place via a simple two-wire line of arbitrary length (door bell is sufficient).

It exists to switch the possibility up to 2 RFI readers parallel.

For a particularly easy programmability a hand terminal is available. This hand terminal works likewise contactlessly. Thus the different keys can be stored or deleted, without that one must have entrance to the decoder. This hand terminal is not necessary, if only up to 100 keys to be trained.

For many applications the economical alternative of the RFI-90 is sufficient. Up to 90 keys and 1 programming key are possible. The 90 keys can be trained successively with the help of a programming key. Only all keys can be deleted at a time. A deletion of individual keys is not possible.

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